Best UK Online Casino Slots in 2020 

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Why play slots at online casinos?

Online casinos typically have dozens – if not hundreds – of slot games available. This means there is always going to be a slot game that takes the fancy of a player.

Compare that to a real-life casino, where there may not be as much choice of slots and you may not even be able to play your chosen game if someone else is already on the machine.

Modern online casino slot games tend to have more in play features and bonus rounds than traditional land based slots and fruit machines, and it is much easier to find the type of game you prefer.

Being able to select your stake and play while on the move via a mobile device is another top reason to play slots at online casinos.

Playing online slots

A huge variety of slots are available today, ranging from the familiar 3 reel fruit machine to new 3D versions with HD graphics in all manner of themes and styles. This new generation of slot machines offer new functionality and many more possibilities of winning.


In a nutshell, this is the alignment of identical symbols resulting in a win. Usually 3 or more matching symbols is required in payline. Originally there were only 3 horizontal paylines but now paylines are configured vertically, diagonally and even zigzagging. Commonly 25 paylines exists on 5 reel slots, but some slots offer 243 or even 1024 ways to win.


These are the images displayed on the reels in the style of the slot’s theme. Each symbol has a different payout value, usually ranging from low paying standard symbols in one style and high paying symbols in another.

For example, popular slot game Starburst has 5 gems with different values; purple and blue are the lowest, then orange, green and yellow increase in value. The special symbols are 7 and Bar which is worth the most.

Special Symbols:

Some slots have special symbols that represent Wilds or some that trigger special features. We can think of a Wild symbol like a joker, that can replace all other symbols and thus increases the probability of hitting a winning combination.

Scatter symbol is probably the most exciting symbol, often 3 or more triggering a bonus round in the form of bonus spins, mini game or pick and click feature. Payouts are sometimes multiplied during the bonus game, or feature extra wild symbols. All slot games have an information button which will explain the particular game’s extra features!

Things to consider when selecting online slots casinos

With so many online casinos offering slots out there, it is hard to tell the difference between a lot of them.

Here are five key things to consider when picking a slots online casino at which to gamble.

1. What slot games are available to play?

Some online casino sites only have slots from certain operators, limiting their options.

Others may have exclusive slots that are not available to play anywhere else.

Players can browse the slots on offer at an online casino before signing up, though due to UK regulations not all slots may be displayed until an account is created.

2. Can you play for free?

Some slots are available to try out for free without any stake, though you must be age verified first before playing.

This is great as it allows players to test the game before deciding whether they want to risk their own money playing the game in the hope of winning a jackpot.

Free play can give users a look at some of the bonus features within a slot game as well.

3. How big are the jackpots?

Players hoping to land a big win should check the jackpots on offer before signing up.

Progressive jackpot slots are often the best choice for those hoping to win a life-changing amount of money when they spin the reels.

Other casino sites may have a limit on the amount of money that can be won on their slots.

4. What are the payout percentages like?

Online casinos always have a house edge, but this can be quite large for some slot games.

The figure you want to look for is known as return to player, which is known as RTP for short.

A slot with RTP of 97 per cent or so is very good value, while anything near 95 per cent is poor.

For reference, land-based casinos typically payout on slots at about the 85 per cent mark!

5. What offers and promotions are available?

Taking advantage of promotions and offers from slots online casinos is highly recommended.

At Players’ Choice we only recommend sites that are safe and secure for their players.

We also help to single out the best offers and promotions on the table at online slots casinos.